dealsinsinkerator evolution compact 3/4 hp householdā€¦


I own the half horsepower model, it's whisper quiet and there is no obnoxious vibration to speak of. Three quarter horsepower is a little much for residential applications but this is a pretty good price if you don't have access to a plumbing wholesaler or have a friend that is a plumber.


In case anyone ends up back here. It's been 6 months since I installed this unit. It is amazingly quite, plenty of horsepower to grind up just about anything. (Wife keeps putting 1/4 slices of lemon in there which doesn't work too well)

I recommend this completely if you're in the market for a quiet garbage disposal unit.

Oh, and installation was easy, though I had to make a trip to a hardware store to get plummer putty for like $2