dealsmedieval mystery box 2 - mystery boxes for $10.00


First off so you know, I (100% unaffiliated wit BK posted this)

I have one experience with a mystery box from them, it was 10$ with 10$ shipping. I received it within 2 weeks and got a surplus gas mask which retails around 9$ and a military cot they sell for 75$, I got lucky but I had zero problems.

I am new here, I didn't know people had so many issues with them.


So you just happen to have the same deal as BK Industries.

You have to realize we are all smelling BS Industries.

From there home page

" is a subsidiary of BK Industries"


I think they ought to finish shipping previous orders before they go offering more mystery boxes.


Maybe they need to sell more boxes to get the money to buy the stuff to fill the other boxes that they sold.

Should we place bets on if they are going to ship these new boxes in 72 hours as stated?


i have never ordered anything from them, but i almost feel compelled to order from them just to see if i would ever actually get anything...does that mean i have a gambling problem?


@stell12: No problem, I think you just want in on the fun.




What.The.Hell. You still owe me 2 medieval boxes. Do you comprehend what this looks like to those of us who are still waiting for our (mod edit)?

You pop up on another thread:

and somewhat discuss the mistakes you made. Tell me: Did you resolve the issue with Gpal yet? With the frozen accounts? Lack of inventory? You don't, " our reputation..." by selling a new version of stuff you failed to previously ship.

You're going to send this stuff out within 72 hours but you can't send out (what looks like the same stuff) you sold > a month ago?

According to an email response I received this morning, you're out of office until tomorrow. When was this new deal posted? I don't believe it was there yesterday....and you still have your apology on the front page.

I want some answers and I want them now.


Ordered 4 boxes from BK industries on May 30, I'm still waiting. Give this sham a pass.
Edit, yeah @bkindustries , get your stuff together and send out the rest of your stuff before continuing. That or give us a refund. I haven't gotten an email update in weeks.




Man, have I got a deal for you. Just send me $10 and I guarantee a 50% return on your money. :)


I think that BKindustries has done enough damage to earn at least a temporary ban from deals.woot. Maybe if they are able to ship the crap that they have already sold and been paid for (!) woot could reconsider. For now, though, the ban hammer should come down hard.


@wilfbrim: I totally agree.

And who is this @ber142, has BKIndustries stopped posting under their username because they know it will bring the wrath of wooters down upon them? Didn't work.



Since anyone w/an account can submit a deal it's hard to say. I'm more curious about who's bumping this up?

Maybe we should all bump it up to try to make it a point? Will this still get promoted if we all bump it up but leave the comments? Don't know...


Please at least ship the last medievil mystery box before trying to sell more. BTW if I don't get a tracking number this week I'm goiong to report you to anyone that will listen i.e. (gpal, visa, woot etc.).


you guys scammed by bkindustries should probably file a police report. Selling things online with no intent to ever deliver is covered under mail fraud.

Any fraud using electronic devices is called wire fraud - and should be reported as well.

Seriously - if this guy is really taking your money and never delivering, you need to report it right away so he can be stopped.


the only boxes that are taking awhile are the first ones put up. The new ones(knive mystery box 2 and another guaranteed mystery box) are shipping out quickly. I got all 6 of those two that i ordered in under a week


To add to the list, at least for Texas, a merchant isn't supposed to bill you for inventory he has not yet shipped unless it is explicitly stated as a preorder. Those of us burned by BKI know that much of the first deals were dropshipped, so they didn't even have some of the inventory to begin with. Further, if BKI only authorizes your card, but does not bill for over a month without notification (due to not having inventory to ship) then they are violating the Fair Credit Billing Act.

Of course, BKI has already violated the FCBA for many of us by not delivering as stated on the site. Looks like another case of someone just jumping into ecommerce without a proper understanding of what it takes. This happens all the time, and you can quickly identify the 'home based' startups like this by the smell of a poorly setup Zencart. Luckily, I got my orders in. Unfortunately, I rather wish I never had.


I tried a cheapy mystery box from these guys and it was a bad experience all around. First - no order confirmation but they charged my card. After a week of no info I email for a shipping update. All of a sudden I get an order confirmation. Then a few hours later I get an email that says "it should ship in the next week or so".

Two weeks later it finally shows up and I got totally boned. Now, I know this is a gamble and that you may never get what you want, but here's what I got:

Five plastic green army men toys
Two rubber balls about an inch in diameter
Two 3/4" ninjas with plastic parachutes
Three chinese finger traps

What the hell? This is the crap you get from the prize box at the dentist's office. I assumed it would at least be the usual overstock, dead inventory, something. Why the hell would they be sending out 1" army man toys and chinese finger traps.

Screw these guys two times.


@ber142: If you are having second thoughts on posting this deal, I am sure if you tattle on yourself, the staff will remove the deal for you.

Out of curiosity, would you mind telling us how you ran across the deal for the Medieval Mystery Box in the first place? I can't believe BK would be insane enough to advertise more boxes without taking care of his current SNAFU.



@ber142: How convenient, a new user posting mystery box deals...

Either BK is still posting mystery box deals in other locations or he just created a new account.

I smell something very fishy here.

Please tattle and ban all deals that are bkindustries related.


forgot to add - they keep sending me their BS new mystery box anouncements. I was on their lame site today and confirmed that I have unsubscribed from everything that I can unsubscribe from. Every time I get an email from them it reminds me of how unpleasant my dealings with them were.

Come on woot - don't associate with these losers!


JUST got an email update, they claim 90% of mystery boxes have shipped and they are working on the rest.

BKIndustries provides excuses, apologizes for the excuses,but "We will also be putting some coupon codes in your package that should help you out significantly if you choose to ever do business with us again"

They claim they will refund if you ask. (But GPal is having problems, they claim)

I'll try to get up the whole email after work, what is the best way to share it? (It's 2-3x the character limit)


@brad3326: Coupon codes? That means I'd have to do business with them again. Now I can get a discount on the worthless crap that they may or may not ever ship? No thank you. Fool me once, shame on me . . .


@jbbair: Heh. Exactly.

They said they have moved from to deals4dirt, and on d4d, they are limiting how many of an item they sell, to prevent this fiasco.

We'll see though, I would take this with a grain of salt. If my stuff comes, and other people have a good experience, maybe BKI has changed, and I might use those coupons.


I am going to keep suggesting this for all who are really concerned about @BKIndustries tactics. If you have 5 minutes submit a complaint at the Utah Department of Consumer Protection, Form isn't too hard to fill out, they are investigating my complaint on the interesting shipping method @BKIndustries used on the Knife Box but the more the merrier.



BKI previously indicated both the box and a refund for those that had not yet received items. See:

This statement has been pulled from both web sites and the recent email has changed the wording while retaining many of the same thoughts sans the refund.

The original statement can be found in this thread:

I'm not saying (at this time) that BKI has or has not changed what they mentioned previously. I'm seeking clarification.


@zontor: Sorry if I'm coming across differently, I do not mean to support BKI or anything, simply pass along the information I received via email. Here's the email I got in it's entirety:

(It's pasted into word because the email had terrible formatting, the paragraphs would scroll for one long line).

Hopefully that clears up what I was trying to say. Maybe they're turning a new leaf, but I doubt it, and wouldn't recommend anyone to try them, except for @stell12 , who is looking for a gamble


Even if you get what you ordered it's likely to be utter rubbish. I ordered 2 of the knife mystery boxes and got 12 of the same dime store plastic keychain knives TWELVE...I will always rant at these posts ...STAY AWAY


Don't make me get medieval on your butt



I got the same email and posted it in another thread.

1] The apology on his web sites is not longer there and a substantial part of the email was taken from the apology (see a few posts below this for my question about this).

2] I get inconsistent information from him. This is the first I've heard about being underwater due to shipping.

If I remember correctly he mentioned elsewhere he was making about 20%. This means if he sells 1k/day (don't know) he's got 200 in profits. That means 25 days of pure profit to make up the $5k he says he's under for shipping...other expenses HAVE to eat some of this.

I'm angry because I keep getting little pieces of the story and the story changes every so slightly each turn.

Tell it early, tell it first, tell it all and tell it yourself. This would seem to apply here....but didn't happen.


This inconsistency is growing more and more disturbing. The new orders on "deals4dirt" are supposed to ship in 72 hours (according to the apology email that we all get sent when trying to contact bki) so they're theoretically getting these shipped out on time, yet those of us who bought the same deal on their other site are still waiting for our items. sigh I've taken jazcat's advice and have filed a complaint on the provided page as it seems the best I can do right now...


Wow, I seriously considered this the first time this came up and balked because of the Gpal nonsense. Based on all the troubles and sub par customer service makes the mystery "box" (size 1 bubble envelope) I received from T and T look good, which I thought impossible.

At this rate BK Industries must be on Amazon's short list.

Good luck to you all.


Once again, 100% unaffiliated - just a customer.

First of all, BK knows not to post on deals.woot until they let him know - I don't see why he would tell me that, then not follow it. I can say I am 90% sure this is just someone else posting this deal.

Second, I ordered the mystery knife box among other boxes from BK. I am still waiting on the others (I am confident I'll get them), but I received my mystery knife box a few weeks back. I ordered seven boxes, figuring one name brand knife would almost be worth it. To my surprise, I received all four of the Ka-bars that they had listed. Even looking at online prices, that's still about a $200 mystery box (also got tons of the little cheapy knives). Say what you want, but I will keep buying.


@zontor: It's getting bumped up because every person coming to the site is thinking "wtf is a medieval myste OMG BATTLE AXES" and clicking the link.

Just sayin.


Oh man I was 2 seconds away from ordering a bunch of these (omg battle axes! lol) until I read all of this terrible feedback!! Thanks for the heads up everyone! Also, it says that shipping is based on a 2 pound package, so the stuff in the picture must be made of plastic ?!



LOL - I think you're right.

That's along the lines of what I thought when I bought into the first lot of these things ... I didn't even know I wanted some of those things till I saw them.

It was a killer idea just executed piss poorly.

I think I'll go fire up Lord of the Rings again :)



Yeah - it seems the heavier things got put on the back burner (more expensive to ship I'm guessing.)

It's cool you did well - I've no doubt a few did. That's the nature of these things. Most get crap, a few do well.

I'd just like to see what kind of crap I actually yeah, keep buying so he has some profits to ship my stuff. :)




I ordered 3 mystery boxes from them and finally got 3 "small envelopes" taped together with 6 handwarmers a month and a half later. Technically, not a mystery "box". While I did pretty much gamble on the grab bag it seemed like the lateness and haphazard packaging was a big fu to me. Run, don't walk.


Can anyone tell me how to view my previous order on


Also I found this amusing on the deals4dirt homepage "

Deals4Dirt was created to help bring in money to various charitble companies and humanitarian aids. Deals4Dirt donates over 30% of its net profits, 100% of which is donated to charities that contribute 100% of the funds to the the victims or recepients of the charity." Well I have been a victim of a terrible tragedy of being scammed where is my donation?



Upper left corner of site --> Click 'Log in'

Enter email/password in the upper 'Returning Customers' section. Click 'Log In'.

Site refreshes.

Click 'My Account' in upper left corner.


@zontor: Thanks I didn't notice it in all the awe of his ms paint layout of his site. Well my old order is still processing how friggin awesome is that?!


Well, they currently owe me 3, count 'em 3, "Boxes of Crap" and 1 Mystery Box from previous promotions. I think I will friggin' pass on this one and recommend you do the same.


Are you (mod edit: profanity) kidding me?

gee - someone ELSE "100% unaffiliated" posts this deal, yet BKI didn't post it himself, or make anyone aware of it.

just a quick FYI - ber142... affiliated can mean MANY things. If you agreed to post this on behalf of, or as a favor for BKI - then guess what - you're affiliated. You really need to brush up on your terminology before you make any solemn oaths.

and considering how this is the first mention of this particular mystery box ANY of us has heard of - and its your very first deal ever posted - I gotta call you either a co-snakeoil salesman, or a favor-shiller. Either way, please GTFO and stop trying to sell this shillmaster's crap.

Public outcry from otherwise civil and sensible members HAS to count for something, woot staffers!!! PLEASE ban bki and any of his sites - at least for a while until he has fulfilled every last one of his outstanding orders, and the rest of us stop being mad at his blatant scamming.


@jagg3d3d93: BKI has also shown a tendency to flat out make up statistics... so now you're dealing with compound statistics! we're talking quantum statistics type stuff here... 100% of the 30% he claimed will contribute 100% of something else to some yet-to-be-announced percentage of a yet un-named something or other.

Man this guy dazzles me with his mathematical acumen. I can't keep up.


dear woot staff please track IP's (so we can easily spot BS other profiles as being from the same computer), and block all deals from bk and their subsidiaries.


Also - i'd like to know how the hell he is in arrears due to shipping, WHEN IT WAS ALREADY PROVEN SEVERAL TIMES THAT HE OVERCHARGES FOR SHIPPING.

on top of that - he hasn't even shipped a large percentage of product that was paid for...

@bkindustries - you're a liar. you're either a complete fool, or are completely full of mod edit: profanity)
You have taken people's money, and now claim to be broke. You have accepted payment for something which you either delivered very poorly, or failed to deliver at all.

As a retailer, you have failed on the most fundamental of levels...

To put it in plain language - you suck.

Explain to us how you have eaten it in regards to shipping. As far as i know - everyone has paid you for shipping... and you haven't delivered all of the goods. Are you claiming that the money that was paid to you for shipping is LESS than what it actually costs? Please don't - i've already shown using your own site how you overcharged.


Not another BKI "deal"...

Order #1191 3 ea. Box Of Crap #1 Total $18.00
05/29/2010 Pending
05/29/2010 Pending GUNPAL Transaction Pending
05/29/2010 Processing GUNPAL Transaction Payment Approved

Order #2367 3 ea. Medieval Mystery Box Total $50.23
06/06/2010 Pending
06/06/2010 Pending GUNPAL Transaction Pending
06/06/2010 Processing GUNPAL Transaction Payment Approved

I'm into these guys for $68 and have seen zilch, zero, nada other than excuses, promises and BS.