dealsraspberry pi linux computer with 512 mb of ram…


I bought my 2 Pi's from Allied at $35. Shipping is not free though.


If you buy at least three pi's (or more that $100) from allied, you get free shipping. I wouldn't buy from anyone else.


Woot needs a watch list so I don't need to leave a comment in order to track a deal


These are supposed to be $35 not including shipping. Considering the spirit of the device, I wouldn't buy this from them. Of course if you really want one and can't get it anywhere else... maybe it's worth it. So conflicted!


Shipping is $3.66 unless you add $10.05 to your order...I personally wouldn't have put the "free shipping" in the title of the post.

Still, $43.61 is about equal to what you'd pay at Allied with shipping, if they had any stock.


I just ordered another RPi off Amazon PRIME last week for $40 but it looks like it's $48 right now. Still, you have to love the 2 day shipping


@ryanpblyth: I know, right? The MAN is keeping us down, expecting us to pay MONEY for things they sell! What's up with that? Everything should be free, man.

By the way, I borrowed your car last night. Your driver's side window is broken. Also, there's some wires dangling down from the steering column. And you're out of gas. I forget where I parked it. My bad.


I can understand someone buying this if you want to tinker in programming and such. But there are much better alternatives for better performing devices at the same price- such as this:

Ug802 Mini Pc Android 4.0.4 Tv Box 1.2ghz Dual Core Cortex-a9 Rockchip 3066 1gb RAM 4g ROM Hdmi USB- spec wise this trounces the Rasberry PI


@joemarfice: he never once said it should be free. Way to take it to the extreme.

By the way, comments suggesting you broke into or damaged someone else's property (particularly when you refer to someone specifically) are creepy. As someone who recently had their passenger window smashed when someone broke into my car, I found it unpleasant to read your "joke".


These are supposed to be $35. Here's the store that links to -

Unsure on shipping costs, unfortunately.


@halifax: Shipping from Newark was free when I bought two on Monday (got them yesterday too.)


@joemarfice: man, I hate it when that happens!