dealsportal 2 plush portal turret w/ sound for $34.99


Got myself one as soon as I saw it!
Using code TARDISDAY got me a 5 bucks discount


It's cool, but how exactly is this a "deal"?!?
It appears to be $35 indefinitely. O.o


@swantner: I would say that "new for the holidays", right before the mad rush of shopping, makes this worthy. Plus, it's cool enough to go on my own wish list now.


The fact that it has a motion sensor in it and speaks solid it for me.


So ThinkGeek was right: sellout in less than a day. But the site says they're hoping for more on 11/28... what do y'all think, should I hit the "Expire" button, or leave it up?


The next "maybe, baby" date has now slipped to 12/2, so whoever hit the "Tattle" link had the right idea. I don't hate you...