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There's no possible way any dog, or even a puppy probably, wouldn't knock this thing over. There's no way to tension it against the walls for strength. This would end up being pretty useless and act more as a dog walkway, after it hits the floor flat.


The previous comment is a bit ignorant, training your dog to respect a barrier like this is actually very easy and just takes 5 min a day for up to a week or two maybe a bit more if your dog is very willful.
My dog is already trained to not touch or knock over our gateway which just leans against the door threshold but I think I am going to buy this as it will look much nicer than the piece of latticework we use now.


I agree with the above comment. I bought this via a groupon months ago. I have three dogs, two 55 lbs and one 85 lbs. They are trained not to challenge it. The barrier works great and at least looks somewhat 'fashionable'.


Our dogs are afraid of the noise that the baby gate makes if it crashes, so they don't touch it and we can just lean them against the walls. This does look nicer than the rickety old thing we are using, but then I would have more 'stuff'. I am anti-stuff right now, so I'm gonna pass.


I'm always amazed at people who complain about their dog's refusal to respect limits like these gates. Do you give up when your infant doesn't want his diaper changed? Or when your toddler wants to run into the street?

Grow a damned spine and teach your dog the limits of acceptable behavior. It's not to blame, you are. And once you decide not to tolerate a dog jumping over or attacking this barrier, they'll fall in line - and everyone will be happier.

Dogs like rules they can understand. Be consistent, not a pushover.