deals16gb patriot micro sdhc flash card for $9.99…


Good deal, but keep in mind that even if you buy five at $18, you only get ONE rebate for $8.


3 egg rating (113 reviews) on Newegg

3 1/2 star rating (138 reviews) on Amazon

Also, too much storage for your needs? The 8GB is only $5 after MIR:


I don't trust current Patriot memory cards. A lot of them are coming up with incredibly slow speeds. I posted a negative review on Newegg and I had people actually email me asking if they are refunding money or sending replacement cards. My class 10 16 gb get transfer speeds of a class 2 and it seems to be a widespread problem. Do not trust Patriot memory cards.


Check the new egg reviews… there are MORE negative 1 egg reviews than positive 5 egg reviews. Lots of , it died early and rebate bait and switch. NOT a company I would give my money to (Patriot).


I was excited until I saw the mail in rebate...oh sigh...


If you do purchase one, make sure you click on the link to submit the pre-MIR form to print our the MIR form so you can wait for the item and then cut out the UPC symbol and mail it in. You should receive your $8 AmEx card in about 10 weeks. Thanks, but I will pass on this MIR.


@boomertastic: That's a class 4...much slower than the class 10 that we are looking at