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@nedreck: I tattled on the dupe minutes after it was posted, and before you posted this, but nothing happened. Did you tattle too? It seems like woot is perennially short staffed, of late.


@pickypickypicky: Not only did I tattle, but I tattled again 2 hours later with "second tattle" as my message. How can a place be short staffed when all of the customers are being pushed out the door?


@nedreck: sorry for the late reply, got busy with my last day of vacation.
The short answer is that even as we lose members, so too we lose staff, but I think at an ex potentially greater rate. As new staff are added they are hustled into service, in some cases prematurely. Add to that the hostility from the general wootizen, and things cannot be a cake walk behind the scenes.

Of us all, I feel most sorry for the staff. Us users just come here for fun, deals, and frank opinions about products. They did (and some still do) it to bring home the bacon, so to speak.

And yes, I did deliberately use both cake and bacon, in homage to the woot that was. (please insert wry emoticon here)