dealsxbox 360 live 12 month gold messenger starter…


Great deal. I wonder how many they put in this lot - you should snap up quick before it's dead.

I haven't seen this on the shelf in big box stores since xmas. Microsoft must be phasing this package out.


Gold = $35, 400pts $5 ... free chatpad, free headset, free shipping.
I went in for 1.

Gold is $55 at walmart/bestbuy/target, but lots of sales the last few weeks online for around $36

Not sure why someone would vote down except that they're an xbox or ebay hater or something.


Yea the 400 points = $5 xbox live credit...

Great stuff!!!


There would be no reason not to get this if you only have live up'd to December and don't have a headset or keyboard, right?


@hoops645: You can stack 3 years or more on your account.


Xbox Live Gold: $35.99 (going rate on many deals lately)
400 Xbox Points: $5
Headset: $5
Chatpad: $20 (estimated)

Total Value: $65.99

Even if you don't care about some of the items included it is a great deal.

Also, the chatpad, while not popular and has limited usefulness, can still be handy for typing in codes, logins, etc.


Totally thinking about getting this to extend my XBL account. Anyone know if the chatpad is backlit?


Shoot. While deciding whether to get it or not the listing expired. Must have sold out of them. :( And right after I decided to go ahead.


All gone... deal has ended :(