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This bad boy was an Amazon GB deal for the same price a couple weeks ago (new), and it's now at $143. Here are some reviews on Amazon

And here is the Youtube channel of the company (I'm assuming, it's all StressEraser videos) that explains a lot more about it


Its just a tutorial on how to change your blood pH through breathing, by altering respiratory and alkalosis. Basically just shows you your pulse...
When feeling some anxiety with relatively rapid breathing, pins and needles in your palms. Sit slouched in an armchair, take a deep breath and hold it while tightening your abdomen for 5-10 seconds and release. You will notice the heart rate drop immediately and the breathing rate will slow down giving you a "stress free" feeling. This toy is a joke.
Source: Lead Cardiologist of my board.


I wonder...

Are these refurbished because people relieved their stress by throwing them?


$99? boxing gloves and one of those toy clowns that bounce back at you do something similar I think...


Agreed. You can tell this seems to use the same tech as a pulse oximeter. This is a joke product and does nothing to relieve your stress. Just another way to capitalize on either the uneducated or plain dumb!


Please do some research on this product before buying. Specifically, a few comments between Dr. Steven Novella and the VP of Corporate Communications for StressErasers at

Novella is clearly raising legitimate points about the StressEraser's claims and everyone should really take that into account before dropping hundreds. Even since 2008 the StressEraser hasn't come up with anything new.


I'm thinking of opening a church of scientology, can I use this as a poor-man's E-meter and give stress tests?


Lots of skeptics and cynics here, but I don't blame you. I'm also one :)

But I did get this a couple of weeks ago during Amazon's sale for $99 new.

I don't know if the "science" behind it is BS or not, but it DOES help both with stress and sleep! I bought it because I had some money to throw away and figured I'd return it if it does no good. But I'll keep it.

Here's the jist of it: It won't help you FORGET about stress, that's not possible unless you're being brainwashed or sleeping, or high. But it does reduce how much you care for it. It's hard to explain. But the main psychological and most "sciency" explanation is that you're required to count how long you hold your breath for and how long you're breathing out. So you breath, count to 5 or whatever works for you according to your pulse, and slowly let go while counting. This counting is what really takes the stress of your mind, and it does help.

For sleeping, after 10-15 min using this my eyes are shutting down. I like it.


You all can not imagine the stress I would end up with if I told my wife I was spending $100.00 on a sress releiver.


@coldfear13: That's not how you change the PH level of your blood... But good try...

On that note, if Americans didn't eat crap 99% of the time they wouldn't have to alter the PH level of the blood.

That explains why America has the highest calcium consumption in the world along with the lowest bone density levels in the world...