dealshungarian paprika - 4oz or 16oz free


It's not accurate to say this is free. Free means no cost. Actually, you have to pay at least $20, buying other spices, to get this. "Free with purchase" is closer to the truth. "At no additional charge with minimum $20 purchase" is actually accurate.


How much paprika does someone really need?


@cleverett - That would depend on how much one usually uses. Getting some for free (or with purchase) is unlikely to change your cooking habits but I suppose one could seek out recipes specifically for that purpose. I use it a couple of times a week and go through quite a but prefer smoked.


Got this smokey paprika free once from myspicsage, as it's impossible to leave with just one item. You'd be surprised how much more you think of when cooking and use it, as it's MUCH more flavorful than regular/store paprika.


@dmcraig - I figured that yes, you are getting that free & I clearly stated in the write-up that you had a minimum purchase. Next time I will make sure that all details pertaining to the sale will be in the title.


@cleverett: I use a lot of paprika because it's a very versatile spice. My recipe for Paprikash calls for tablespoons of it, any and most of my rub recipes call for large quantities of it as well. The better the quality, the better the result, and this strikes me as very high quality paprika (though I don't know what grade/type of paprika this is).

Hungarians have at least four different styles of paprika, ranging from something similar to cayenne pepper down to what we think of as sweet paprika. Really don't want to get those two mixed up for garnishing deviled eggs, I can tell you. :)