dealsa tool shed for all of your rakes, hoes, or…


And this is a deal because....


@bigelowb: It's following today's deal meme, if you haven't noticed. Ah well, I suppose most people completely ignore the top three community deals, right?

But giving you the benefit of the doubt, yes, I also took the time to cross check with Amazon, where's it's almost $40 more expensive.

Thanks for the -1 :P


Nope! I never watch the top deals - always watch the popular flow instead. I find it more useful. Thanks for the reasoning - I think of a deal as something below regular price. I guess not everyone does.


I don't know if my hoe will fit in this?


So they can move in here and live in harmony...or is this just a motel that I don't want to know what happens there?


@phortisque: If you don't want to shop @Walmart, check at your local Target. It's out of stock on line.


will it fit all 3 of my hoes? I need a place for them to stay during the daylight hours when they're not being used. I feel bad just leaving them in the alley out back.