dealssandisk sansa clip plus mp3 player - 4gb…


Oops. I should have bought it before posting. Free shipping is for "Inner Circle". Minimal calculated shipping is charged. ($3.72 for me)


I saw these a recently for $49.99! I think Sansa is figuring out people will pay for their product. I did not read ad wrong and it was just 4GB included. I don't know maybe it recognized micro memory cards over 32GB, I have noticed they are selling the 64GB now.

I have bought 3 of these through woot sometimes refurb sometimes not. They are all still working. Believe it or not they actually have a pretty good mic for scratch recordings of your voice.My wife was writing music over the internet for a while and my little Sansa was her's then I bought another and so on.


You can get brand new 4gb from Amazon for $29.99 +tax with free super saver shipping. Looks like the blue or black models right now at that price. I watched them for a few weeks and the different colors keep fluctuating in price. I finally picked a red one up a week ago at that price and have completely loved the darn thing after my old yepp died. I planned on throwing rockbox on it, but changed my mind once I started using it because it works wonderful without it! The display is amazing indoors or out.


I bought one of these from woot about 2 years ago. It still works perfectly. I have many many mp3 players, even Ipod touch, iphone and zuneHD. And the music sound quality on this little guy out does all of them. Battery last a good long time. I use mine during yard work and other stuff like that. It is quite durable. The only thing I don't like is that the internal memory and the SD card cannot be shuffled together. You can only access one or the other.

Oh, and mine says 32gb card max.....