dealsthe bard's tale for ios on the itunes app storeā€¦


Is this for istore only? I will be so sad if it's not for android as well.


@aliceinwootland: It is available on the Google Play store, but not for free, because the FreeAppADay promotion is for iOS only... Sorry...
But you can still grab the Android version of the game at a 50% discount as per a previously announced deal:
The Android version is getting equally rave reviews.


So this isn't really the classic 'The Bard's Tale' - but a port of the 2004-ish remake for PS2/Xbox, right?


@statictrance: If it's the same as the android version, and I'm guessing it is, it includes the ps2/xbox Bards Tale and 3 of the old PC bards tale games.

It was an awesome deal on the play market for a few bucks. Freakin' amazing for free.