dealsbest buy deal of the day nov 20: 60" lcd 1080p…


Next best deal to Sams and Walmart's Doorbuster 60" Vizio LED. You don't have to wait in line for this one.


Duplicate of 3dgraphics post from 7/8 minutes earlier.


@pdvc19: This is actually to the best buy Deal of the day. He linked same TV in the deal.. And his woot isn't well put together. =P


Wal-Marts Vizio 60in LED with Internet Apps is $688 as mentioned before, but Amazon is also price-matching; So it's worth the shot to get a better TV for the same price without battling crowds.


The walmart TV that is 60 inch is 60hz refresh rate. The Best Buy TV that is 60 inch is 120hz refresh rate. If you have ever seen a 60 inch with 60hz you will know exactly why Walmart sell cheap and bad TVs.


@stv6669: This is inaccurate.

The Vizio E601i-A3 that walmart and Sams are having as a doorbuster for $688 and $698, respectively, is 120Hz.