dealshp h8-1202us intel core i7 with 8gb ram & 1.5tb…


As of right now (12:15) the deal currently says "Refurbished" and yet the actual moofi product page says "Condition New" and indicates a 1 year warranty. Sounds like a mistake in the deal listing?


I'm typing on an I7 quad-core with 1.5TB disk that I bought 1yr-18mos ago, for less than this. Is this really a deal? Is the HP name worth that goddamned much to some people?

Oh, and - I bought mine new.


Any answer yet from our dedicated and dependable Woot staff on whether it is a refurb or new? When I check moofi on my cell, it stil lists theitem, as descreibed by the other commenter, as new.


@joemarfice: seconded, my i7 3770 12gb ram 2tb hard drive refurb hp with beats and usb 3.0 slots was only 660, what kind of deal is this junk?


Ha! Almost 8 hrs in and only one sucker so far.


Only 8 gb maximum memory? Not suitable for a linux workstation. A processor this powerful should have access to more ram than that. Kinda pricey too.


This condition of this H8-1202us Desktop PC is New. The title has been corrected to reflect "New".