dealssergeant's veterinary balm soothing ointment for…


I bet this is no different than Bag Balm which is readily available at practically any chain pharmacy. The container is practically identical except for the graphics. A 10 oz container of Bag Balm is $8.99 at CVS. This is a 9 oz container for $5.99 + $2.99 shipping.

I use Bag Balm on my Yellow Lab's elbows which always have rough spots. It's also great for rough spots on humans.


@sinnfein: Thanks! Good to know!

My aging border collie stuck her nose into something she shouldn't have (I still don't know what) and by the time we scraped the glunk off of her snout she was left with a raw spot I needed to put some kind of salve on. I used Neosporin since it was all I had, but this or the bag balm would probably be a better bet.


soo... off brand bag balm for the same price when you factor in the crazy shipping cost.

Also, 5 cents more at amazon with free shipping if your complete order is $25 or more


This is awesome! I've been looking for a quality animal hospital in Norwood Park that offers things like this. I've been doing some research, and as I've looked around, I have found this and to be the most helpful. Thanks for sharing!