deals20% off coupon for entire purchase - today only 7…


Hmmmm..... might go check out that kitchen island I've had my eye on. Thanks!


Do I need to be a rewards member to use this?
I thought the link was unique to the user that posted it.


@atd15: The coupon says friends and family on it, so I am guessing anyone can use it. I mean, being a part of woot makes us all friends. Right?


you do NOT need to be a rewards member today. You do not need the coupon, which is a generic code. I've worked at big lots the past two years and we have thousands of coupons on hand. no need for you to have one.


If you are concerned about whether or not @bigshtank's coupon will work, go to and click on the #1 button. This will give you a 20% off coupon that you can print.


My Big Lots have signs up on the main streets directing to this sale. It appears that at least in Lexington, KY you just need to show up. YMMV


I just got a emerson rechargeable bluetooth speaker for $16. Pretty sweet deal if you dont mind handling the traffic. The store was packed.