dealssandisk sdmx18r-004gk-a57 4gb sansa clip + mp3…


I have one of these (not refurbished) and generally like it. I got the 2gb version to save money and got a 16gb microSD card for like $10, making it effectively 18gb.

Some things about it are problematic, like making playlists or trying to organize my music on it; basically I have found it essential to use a good batch id3 tag editor and make sure anything I put on it is tagged correctly.

Some things about it are awesome, like having the microSD slot, playing flac files, the sound quality, support for replay gain, tiny size and light weight, and the cheapness (I can throw it around and not worry about it).

I may pick up one of these for the wife. At this price, it's cheaper than the 2gb one I bought myself a few months ago.