dealsc-red leather credit card wallet with striped tie…


THANKS! I was in need a new front pocket wallet, and these look excellent for about half the price of what I was preparing to spend. Looks like a good deal.


I bought a "Brown Leather Front Pocket Wallet with Elastic-Tartan Plaid Fabric in Money Well" a while back, and do like it a lot. The best thing I did was to finally cut off the elastic strap, though. It gets way too tight if you try and put more than ~6 cards in along with a few bills, eventually the stitching will fail, and it'll fall off. Unfortunately, when mine came off it tore a bit of leather with it. It's been a really great wallet since then, though.

I also like the lack of a clear plastic window on the front, as it usually is the first part of a wallet to fail.


I'm glad to hear that, too, because I bought something from them last night.


I've had one of the little wallets for over a year (although I put it in my back pocket most of the time). The elastic is still working well. It is hard to get bills in it so the edge sticks out a little, but that's no big deal.