dealsnew xbox live 4000 points card for $39.99


scam. scam. scam. beware buying these things on ebay!


scottjl, this is one of the official ebay sponsored 'deals' from Legit.


1600 points at $15 from Walmart was a better deal. Also yes buying stuff like this off ebay is Risky but this seller is legit I got a 12 month live card from them a couple weeks ago.


This is not a scam. I've bought multiple things from this seller. Not a bad deal, especially because I will never buy from Walmart. : )


This seller is basically "" outlet. It's safe dude.


They charge $3.50 for CA Sales tax. I am pretty sure there isn't any sales tax on a gift card. What a joke. I might end up paying $1.50 more for 4000 points, but I'll stick to my Best Buy for 1600 for $18 since they bill correctly.


good deal. in for two... definately not a scam..

this is from

always legit.


@mrsmoofy: No $15 cards at Walmart that I can see...


@rageofangels: He did say 'was'. Wally has offered 1600 point cards for $15 twice in the past couple of months.

On the other hand, the $15 cards aren't THAT much of a savings... if you bought eight 1600 point cards at $15 you'd get 12,800 points for $120. Buy three 4000 point cards for the same $120 you get 12,000 points. SO, we're only talking 800 extra points over the purchases, and you'd have to wait and hope Wally offers those 1600 cards for $15.

Considering that, I picked up one of these 4000 point cards but I'm still waiting and watching for that Wally deal too.


TAX???? Should be no tax. If I buy at BB or Target, etc, no tax. What gives?


Not a bad deal, about ten bucks off. If it's legit.


They shouldn't be charging tax to CA. CA does not collect tax on cards like this (and no B&M store collects tax). It screws up the deal and I have a feeling just pockets the money instead of actually paying the tax to CA.

Of course there's no way to contact them to ask why that's happening, so no sale for me.


Talked to a friend that is a manager at Gamestop about this a few months back and everyone selling MS point cards are suppose to be charging sales tax in certain states. I live in Georgia and they have to start charging tax. Granted, it's still up to the stores as to how they want to run their business. This means that it is usually cheaper to find deals else where or just charge your card from your Xbox 360.


@justin42: Unless a store is incorporated in a state, or has a presence in a state, they should not be collecting sales tax regardless of what type of product it is.

In 1999, Congress placed a moratorium on all sales tax collected from Internet use... this is to include Internet access as well as the already existing interstate sales tax ban, unless, as mentioned above, the seller has what is called nexus in that state (simply, a presence). This means that Internet access should not be taxed (unless of course the ISP you are with was grandfathered in because it already existed and was already charging tax before 1999), nor should interstate commerce be taxed on goods bought over the internet. This moratorium has been extended several times, and is currently set to expire in 2014. I imagine they will extend it once again, as states still have no simple way to impose sales tax on goods purchased over the Internet.

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