deals50% off southwest airlines roundtrip (no specific…


These are some really great prices Denver to Dallas for about $100 roundtrip.


Awesome deal, thanks for posting, just booked our family vacation!


None of the dates are great...


Time to find out if I can get vacation time for one of those weeks there.

Has anyone flown on 9/11 in the last few years? Is it much worse than your typical busy travel day?


Thank you so much @senordunda! I've been watching and waiting for a good price to take my kids out to see my grandparents (their great-grandparents) and my great-grandparents (their great-great-grandparents)!! You have no idea how much this means to me!! Thanks again! Great deal! 6 adult tickets from Dayton, Ohio to Salt Lake City for $970!!! AWESOME!!!


@racinreaver: wait why would 9/11 be as compared to a busy travel day??


Southwest fares are a JOKE! They think they are doing you a favor. Its that southern stubborn mentality!!!


@bigray57: Hmmmm, Let's compare prices:
Arbitrarily chosen dates
Leave 9/5, return 9/8. Las Vegas to San Fransisco, Lowest prices listed
Delta - $191.20
American Airlines - $199.20
United Airlines - $147.60
Southwest:Lowest Price - $108.60 w/ coupon, $139 w/o coupon


@davidbertram: That's just one fare that happens to be lower in favor of Southwest. Probably because it's a very short flight in one of their highest-volume areas. The fares I looked up with the coupon were comparable to other airlines. Without the coupon, they were a little bit higher. But my point is, YMMV.

One of the biggest reasons to choose Southwest is that they let you check 2 bags for free (in addition to 2 carry-ons), so if you are traveling with a lot of luggage, that will save you at least $50 there.


@douglasbarbin: Keep in mind Southwest also has no cancellation fees. So if you book your flight and see it for cheaper at a later date (or a better one for cheaper) you can rebook without giving up your first flight and keep the difference in airline credit.


Awesome deal! 2 round trip tix from St. Louis to Denver for $251.00!!! Unbelievable!


Great deal! got 2 roundtrips to Las from Greenville Sc for$437.00
deal was one day only