dealsacer iconia a100 7" tablet 8gb for $129.99


Man, these are turning up once a week now on one daily-deal site or another.

I got this exact tablet from another daily-deal place, and it arrived last week, and I love it. Respectable battery life, just the right size for holding vertical and typing with your thumbs. Comes with Honeycomb, but as soon as you connect it to wifi, it upgrades to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3). Capacitive, not resistive, touch screen.

You can find cheaper tablets on these sites, but rarely models that come with any Android OS higher than 2.3.

I'd been passively looking for an Android tablet for months, and this is the one that made me pull the trigger (after reading comments similar to mine on THOSE deals.woot threads, and I'm VERY happy with it.

EDIT: And, at least in the case of the ones being sold previously, these are refurbed BY Acer (they come in an Acer brown box).


Yes, and FYI this IS Refurbished... here on the woot screen it is left off- and even on the link it is hidden away at the bottom where they hope noone will see...

... but yes, it is refurbished.


anybody have experience buying from this site? Never heard of them.


Haven't bought from that site, but I have two of these Acers and they are GREAT! ICS is available for download if it's not already installed.


I got one of these from onesaleaday. Took forever to get to me but the unit is first rate. Updated to ICS within 4 hours of turning it on. Battery life is not great but that has been well covered on the web. My unit was a referb and looks brand new. Great tablet for the money and the size is perfect for my kid. Can't go wrong for the money. Just put a micro SD card in it with no problems at all.


too bad this store doesn't offer the extended warranty. the Acer ebay store has this unit for $145 and offers extended warranty for 1 to 2 yrs for $22 - $33.

does anyone know if warranties can be bought for this if not originally offered at time of sale? does it matter the store it came from?



Try I squaretrade everything I buy, and never buy a warranty in-house anymore. I can get it cheaper. My experiences with them have been positive, including an upgraded power supply when my factory-installed one fried out.

Also, thought about this for the kiddos, but have found out ToysRUs is introducing Tabeo, a 7" tablet for kiddos with more RAM than this, plus parental controls.


@auggie24: Thanks. Checked them out. WOW! they want $76 for a one yr warranty... not a deal. it'd be cheaper to go with the Acer ebay store..



Thanks for the snark.

To be honest, I am not sure why it is showing at that price. I do know that I insured my PC, which cost a heck of a lot more than this, for 3 years, and I want to say it was about $60-70.

So I guess YMMV.


i contacted acer and jellybean is coming to a100 and a500