dealsnintendo wii game console system for $50.00


you're better off holding out to black friday; with the new nintendo wii-u out, the wii will be the step-child of the game consoles, and I'm sure they will price it extremely low. Last year during BlackFriday, they were pushing them out for $90


not a bad deal if you have been living in a cave for the last 6 years and dont have a wii yet.


@kllanning: Or if you don't like video gaming.


@rsmoker: If you don't like video gaming, why on earth would you buy a console barring as a gift?


@rsmoker: If you don't like video gaming, then you probably don't care about this deal (barring purchasing it as a gift for a gamer that lives under a rock as already stated).


@icedragon1: we prefer to be called "Dwarf gamers". And you can't toss us out from under our rocks, nobody ever tosses a dwarf!


Not living under a rock, but never got a wii, these are good prices! Do Wii's have HD yet? I dono, might as well buy it and find out.