dealsthe godfather trilogy on blu-ray for $29.08


Wow! This is $50 at the US Amazon website. Awesome deal!


Uh Oh!

"Format: Box set, PAL"

The US standard is NTSC. This will not play in most Blu-Ray players sold in North America.


@starke3: Wrong.

For a blu-ray, the "PAL" would only refer to any analog (non-digital) extras. But this seems to be all digital content, so it will play fine.

I've seen other deals like this for blu-rays through Amazon UK and they apparently fill in information for the blu-rays from their listings for the SD DVD version of the movie/box set. That's why it says PAL.

Have a look at or do some googling if you want to research before buying.


PAL and NTSC are DVD standards and do not apply to blu-ray except in the case of special feature DVDs. It is region free which means it will play on all blu-ray players.


um, 'fraid not: $49.92 shipped new


Items: £28.49
Postage & Packing: £3.08

Total before VAT: £31.57
VAT: £0.00
Too bad, I want it for $30 USD :(


Too bad, they fixed the pricing. I was able to get Matrix trilogy cheap this way.