dealsopen box acer g205hv bd 20" w 1600x900 5ms dvi…


Did the price change? It says $109.99 + $10.97 shipping...

^^ Nevermind. You have to click the link under "in stock" that says "2 used", or just click this. Shipping is $10.49.


@greciandelight: The seller is just some person using deals.woot and amazon to get rid of his personal used equiptment. He barely has any sales and not great feedback....


@numbn8: Any New, Refurb, or Open Box items sold by Mid Michigan Computer Supply come directly from major retailers.

Mid Michigan Computer Supply was opened on July 15th, 2012. Any previous feedback left on the account came from previous personal sales.

The atmosphere of Amazon is not like eBay. Feedback is not commonly left unless the buyer had a bad experience. This store has had over 50 sales within the last month with no feedback left for the seller. There has been one return (Buyer purchased the wrong item) in all of the 50 sales.

Mid Michigan Computer Supply is working to become a larger retailer in computer equipment and will use all available means of advertisement, such as deals.woot to provide quality products and service with low prices.

Mid Michigan Computer Supply may be advertising their own products on deals.woot, but this item for example, is a great deal that should be made avilable to all Woot users. After all, isn't that the entire purpose of deals.woot?