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It is cheaper at Target. The complete series on DVD is only $16.99. I see it every time I am in the store. It has been $16.99 for almost a year. It is actually offered on-line at Target for $16.99, also.

Here is a link to one of the times that it was listed -


I have a weird compulsion that I must up-vote any Firefly related deal. It's shiny!


Looks really god, the widescreen.


Groundhog Day!

Even so I love FireFly!


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I think the Venn intersection of "deals.woot participants" and "people who don't own Firefly on DVD already" is pretty small--but there's always somebody with a birthday coming up.


i gues il finaly invest in it to upvote my love of it etc... sorta good series i frowned at it at times years ago caus it wasnt showing enough space battles but overalll awesome... plsu ive come to appreciate the conversations and settings etc... so i gues il buy it at kmart... to bad i cannot buy it directly from the firefly owners etc to get a new firefly series goin etc :/

oh well :,etc