dealsthe settlers of catan for $23.52


Anyone got any wood?

Great price for this game, it's usually $30+


I can safely say that you can upgrade this game to the expansion packs without bricking it. Just be careful where you attach the ports.


I needed a gift for my brother for Christmas and I played this game a lot in college so thanks poster :) I bought this and Munchkin for him.


Thanks! Just bought two more copies of the game, so we can continue to expand and allow more and more players at a time.


I built a sheepy road step "baaaa"


I've had this game for over 4 or 5 years now, and I have to say its perhaps the best board game I have ever played (note: expansion is nearly a must... multiplies the fun by orders of magnitude). Since I bought it I have spent countless hours with friends and family playing this game till 4am, only to wake up the next morning and start another first thing. It is easily the most played board game by my family (and probably most of my friends) since I bought it. I have been able to get countless people addicted to it. If you haven't yet, and especially if you're a fan of board and/or card games, TRY THIS GAME. IT IS THAT GOOD - TRUST ME. I don't normally get on here to recommend products, but I had to on this one. Great deal at that price too - I've personally never seen it on sale.


For those who have played this and enjoyed it, check out for in depth reviews and rankings of games on this level. (Settlers is currently ranked 94)

Settlers is one of the best gateway games in my experience.

The list to look at (they have a separate one for family and one for party categories now too):


Seems it's back up to $29

Guess I'll just have to stick to my dice version...:(