dealsmen’s spring ring event - 25% off all rings


I bought my wedding ring from a similar sale from these guys a few years ago. No complaints. My brother bought a ring that looks almost identical to mine from a jeweler -- I paid 9 dollars, he paid 200. Time will tell if mine holds up as well as his, but even if I have to buy another 9 dollar ring later on, I still think I came out ahead.


I've lost several rings kayaking and last year bought several of these rings from Tanga and have loved them. They look great and are comfortable (I wear a comfort fit ring) and, at this price, I have no concern about possibly losing another in the great outdoors.


Thanks rgarnier & cabbageloins! Same quality rings at a fraction of the price! Thanks for the feedback.


I've purchased several rings from Tanga and I've always been happy with them. My most recent one is a nice, shiny tungsten ring and people always comment on how shiny it is. I keep my rings on all the time and don't baby them, so that's saying something. If you just want a nice, basic ring, don't think twice. Even if you see another you like, the low prices make it so you can have several without breaking the bank.