dealsthe lolshirts “you are what you eat” sale: all…


"I pooped today"? Really?

Also, $2 shipping.


@kjlane: Obviously you are under 60.... At that age you realize how importanting pooping really is.


BEWARE! This Company IS NOT as funny as their name implies. They left me shirtless, and out in the cold. The worst thing is, they didn't even care! No replacement shirt, no half-off deals, NOTHING!

I will never buy from again (until I actually get my $9.96 shirt ... oh yeah, and an apology!).


Can someone comment on the quality of their shirts? Do you get what you pay for? Pleasantly surprised? Will it last a few years with regular washing, or does it disintegrate as you sweat?


@kmeltzer: I bought the wife and I a couple shirts back in September. The graphics seem to be holding up fine so far. Quality wise they feel a bit heavier than the last couple of woot shirts I ordered. I take a gamer-large (3X) and it is a little more generously cut than a woot shirt as well.

I hope that helps.


QUALITY- I have three of their shirts, and the "SILENCE IS GOLDEN-DUCT TAPE IS SILVER" get's a chuckle EVERY time I wear it...The shirt is black and hasn;t faded in three months of wearing about once every other week or so. It is still "fluffy" and I think it's 100% cotton...ran EXACTLY on -size though...I like it.