dealsdominos 2 medium, 2 topping pizzas for only $5.99…


I'm in love with Dominos coupon codes. I'll never forget those three weeks in college before they had optimized their website coupon system.
Coupon code 1: Any Pizza, Any Size, Unlimited Toppings for $8 (stackable, though it wasn't supposed to be)
Coupon code 2: Free drink with purchase of large pizze (stackable, though it wasn't supposed to be)
Coupon code 3: Free Cinnamon Sticks
Coupon code 4: Free Breadsticks (not supposed to be used with other coupons but it still worked)
Coupon code 5: Free side of wings when you spend more than $20 (beating a dead horse at this point)
Result: A full dinner for me and my two roommates, though the food could have easily fed five or six, for only $24. Ahhh I miss those days.


My local Domino's has offered 2-topping medium pies at $5.99 each for months. Am I missing something that makes it a deal now?


Yeah, this coupon code comes with free diarrhea, which I currently have now thanks to their new artisan crust pizza which is about as big as an 8-1/2 x 11" piece of paper btw (not worth $8). I keep getting schemed into trying their "new" pizzas, and all I get is bad taste + sick. I would accuse MD area stores, but regardless of location I almost always get sick off of them, never again Dominos. Papa Johns & Local brands 4L.

-Imodium P-O'd


Since when do you need a code? Just click the Coupons tab on their site and select the offer... weird.


@gsmit114: You're probably just lactose intolerant dude. Happens to me when I eat pizza sometimes. All bodies are different.


@grimpett: Do you not see that I said I eat popa johns and local chain pizza without any problem? The problem is Dominos, either the stores are not clean, or all their produce is from salmonellaville.