dealsadvance auto parts - 20% off nearly everything…


I believe this will work out well like last time when deals such as Seafoam for $4 per can were had... (I cleaned out my local store of it)


A very timely deal, as one of my headlights just went out, and they never seem to be "on sale" when you need them!


Careful when using this website. They're database for cars and parts fitment is way flawed. Then when they ship you the wrong part, they won't refund because their database says it should fit... Even showing them mfr specs saying they're wrong doesn't work... You get better customer service from a Coke machine...


@johnnyvegas4: If you pick up in store, I'm sure an associate isn't going to argue with you over a return. They deal with their database every day and surely know it contains mistakes. They're allowed to come out to your car to test/install batteries and various other things. I'm sure once you show them their part is obviously different than the one actually on your car, there's not much they can say. They carry parts for every year, make, model and, more specifically, every trim of every model car available. Maybe the Ranger XL uses a different oil pan gasket than the Ranger XLT. Plenty of room for a mistake.

That said, I've used their system a number of times without a single mistake.