dealsasus nexus 7 (2nd gen) 16gb (new) for $199.99…


Isn't retail 230? Not a bad deal but I'm pretty sure they will be around 200 soon anyway.


True that... I didn't imply this was a bad deal... well I didn't mean to.


Typing this post on one of these right now. It's fantastic, state-of-the-art (better specs than even the brand new iPads), and a great value, even at full price. (I got mine for $199 too, open box.)

If you're considering a Nexus 7, I'm here to tell you, pull the trigger.

FYI, I also own an iPod Touch, and previously had an Acer A100 7" tablet running 4.0.3 (it was a refurb, and the EMMC card failed after 9 months -- don't buy Android refurbs!)


This is a good deal. If you want one, but wanted more memory, download 'Nexus Media Importer', pick up an OTG cable and a USB drive. There ya go!


Any of you concerned about dealing with a company named Cookie Electronics if there is a problem with the one you get ? I guess I think the extra $30 would be well spent dealing local just in case.


Brand new from the play store for $230. This is the 2nd Gen for only $30 off the new generations price.

Wait a couple weeks and the new Nexus 7 will be at $200.


@gusvonpooch: This is a Top Rated Plus Seller...who cares what the name is? It is brand new with a warranty.

@rymully12: There are 2 generations. This is the same one as you see in the Play Store. So "waiting a couple weeks" for it to be the price it is now during this sale gains you nothing. If you think there is a NEW generation and a 2nd Generation, you are mistaken.