dealsusb-powered 7" monitor w/ carry case for $105.00


Have really thought about getting one of these, more for just "fun stuff" to add onto a PC (have email & calendar/Outlook) up in a sep. screen)...

THEN... looking at the specs - I decided for a few extra bucks (like $64 more - based on MSRP) :: the Mimo isn't even touchscreen!

Touchscreen Android Pad.

Available at KMart Stores (on sale right now for $149.99 :: that's a $44 difference)

skip everything else - consider it a Touchscreen MP3 player, decent movie player and FANTASTIC eBook reader (OK- so it's not ePaper-ish)

800x480 color TFT touch panel screen
CPU: 800 Mhz
Ram: DDR2 256mb
Internal Memory: 2GB
Expansion Slots: SD/MMC card slot up to 16GB
Supports Ebook Formats: Text, PDF
Supports Media Formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC
Picture Viewer in JPEG, BMP
Video Player WiFi: Built-in 802.11 b/g
Rechargeable Lithium 2100mAh
Carrying case included
Unit dimensions: 7.36" x 4.65" x 0.63"


@wootcompare: Yes. That's a completely different product with a completely different purpose. I'm in IT and this little extra screen will allow me to use my multiple IM clients without taking up precious admin screen real estate.

BTW- If you want an extended USB-powered external monitor, Mimo has touchscreen ones like the Mimo pivot touch ($170):