deals$30 off fire hdx and $40 off select kindle fires.


Does anyone know how long this deal will last? I've been searching and searching and can't find anything concrete. Everything just says 'limited time'. I have about $150 to cash in at the Coinstar machine and can't get there until tomorrow.
I'll continue searching...


@flamingonut: It's been running for a few weeks now, so the odds seem high that you'll be okay.

And if it ends before you can get it online, call their customer service, explain the situation, and ask if they'll do you a courtesy discount. They're remarkably good about stuff like that.


@magic cave: Actually, the 8.9 HD price has been lowered for a while now, and just today the 8.9 HDX was lowered. I've been checking. I guess I can keep it in my cart until tomorrow, and if the price goes back up, then it just wasn't meant to be.
I'll email Amazon and see if they can give me an answer.


@flamingonut: Aha. Thanks for the clarification. I just glanced at their webpage and didn't notice the new price drop. I expect they'd still sell it at the new price if a request to do so comes in pretty soon after the deal ends.


Emailed CS, and got the following response:

Thanks for writing to us with your concern.
From the content of your email, I understand you'd like to know if the current discount on Kindle will last till tomorrow or not.
I have checked and I can confirm that this price drop is valid till an infinite time until any further announcements are made by the company. However, please be assure that this deal will surely be valid till February 5, 2014.
You can purchase the Kindle device at any time and the price drop will surely be applied to your order.
Please visit the link to purchase the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9":
I hope this helps. Thanks for using Kindle.

I guess I'll just have to see about that ;)


Save your self some money and buy a real tablet. The battery life is is poor and charging takes forever. The charging ports break off inside completely or partially.


@badtroy: How is it not a real tablet? It's running android with a custom interface, and unless they completely locked it down since the Fire HD, it isn't too hard to stick a stock version on there.. I've got the Fire HD, it can stream about 3 movies over wifi on a charge (so 5-6 hours, wifi on obviously, mid to high brightness), and really doesn't take that long to charge on a 1A or 2.1A charger. Plus, it seems real solid.


@badtroy: Battery life is average and charging takes longer then liked. Still a deal breaker on the charging port breaking off completely or partially inside the units. Google it?


@badtroy: All the reports I'm seeing are for the original Fire, and those that had the problems are reporting that it's an easy end-user fix. I've had my HD since June and the port still feels snug. Also, I never said the battery life was "awesome", I said it was enough to stream several movies at a higher brightness level. It'll last longer playing from the internal storage at a lower level, and I'm sure that's enough for most people. I'm still sticking by my original charging statement, if you're charging it off a PC USB port and using it, of course it's going to be slow to charge, then again so is my phone, but using a dedicated charger and left sitting, it charges quickly.


I've tried a lot of tablets and this is my favorite. Nice & light, battery lasts a long time and its fast. Better screen than the Apple and lighter.I haven't had any problem with the charging port but I'm careful handling it. The reviews have been great, particularly the one from ZDnet:


@freakdiablo: I will sell you all 3 of my kindle hds. Since u love them and their "so good."


@badtroy: look at all the 1 star reviews at on the new HDX?


@badtroy: 357 1-star reviews, 5200 5-star reviews... pretty sure the 5s have it.


@badtroy: When my original Kindle Fire crapped out, Amazon replaced it. No hassle at all.


@badtroy: Actually, the battery life is a bit above average and the "breaking port" seems to be isolated to a few complaints, which Amazon's customer service can handle. I've got all three models of the 2013 Kindle Fire tablets and the HDX models, in particular, are among the best tablets on the market today, with top-of-the-line displays, sound, and processing power.

And if you don't like Amazon's customized version of Android, root the tablet and install a stock version.


@badtroy: i'll buy one of your kindle hd. (I don't need three of them, just one.)


@badtroy: I'll buy them if in "like new" condition. You hate them, so they're barely used, yes? $1 each OK? I'll split shipping if you can send them in original packing. PM me!