dealsryobi 18-volt one+ ni-cad battery 4-tool super…


"Free shipping, but tax will probably put you back up to $100.00"

Wow, I don't know where you live, but if my taxes were over %100 I would be moving.


@beaverspork: I think what he's saying is if you add sales tax to the $94 the total will be close to $100. Here in PA the total with tax (6%) would be $99.64.


Ni-cad. you'll see these for really cheap in the next year.


I actually have this set. It is pretty nice. Tools work well. My only complaint is battery life and I had to replace my batteries after about 6 months.


Sorry, I stand corrected. I must have read it too fast.


@bigcbass: My brother has a ton of these Ryobi tools and has said the upgrade to the lithium batteries is well worth it. Tools run longer, batteries are much lighter, charge faster and have a longer life. Next time you need to replace the batteries think about spending a bit more for the lithium they seem to be well worth the price.