dealsluxe bidet mb110 fresh water spray non-electric…


I can think of absolutely NO REASON not to upvote this one!


This would have made a great xmas present haha


Remember folks, a non-electric bidet means the water headed for your backside will be the same temp as what comes out your cold water tap--Keep that in mind especially around the holidays. Hooking it up to a hot water line probably won't help either--unless you want to install an instant water heater directly in front of the bidet... In which case you're still probably better off paying more for an electric model in the first place.


@ciabelle: That's actually good for me, since I've constantly had explosive, burning, discharge once I discovered how poor I was and how cheap homemade chili is.


@iammagicmike: Bravo! you took TMI to the next level.


Ronco would have marketed this as the "Dingleblaster"