dealsactivision skylanders giants single character…


@orcrist42: thank you. My wife and I almost bought this today for my son. Glad I didn't. Bought one now. There are several other skylanders that are normally $10 or $11 for $6.99 right now on amazon also. I have to control myself and not go crazy and get a bunch of them.


And I thought I was getting a steal with Swarm at $9.99 last week!


This IS almost ridiculously cheap. I bought 3 so I can keep one and trade the other's in.

I ordered the 2 pack last week from amazon and haven't opened it yet. I asked if I could have a price difference refund and they offered me the difference as a credit on my next order, so yay.


If you look @ the bottom, Amazon has a few others for cheap as well, ranging from $5.99-$6.99...given they are $14.99 (+ tax) in stores, it's quite an amazing deal