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I love platinumtel, but can't endorse this phone. The last deal was better .


$20 for a cell phone with time on it seems like a good deal.


The phone looks very basic. Looks like a phone my grandmother can use. I've been looking for a phone for her for a while.


Can some of the downvoters please explain why? For someone that just wants a mobile phone for emergencies, a PAYG phone like this is ideal. $20 is a lot better than a 2-year committment.

Not everyone needs (or can use!) a smartphone.


I Bought this Phone awhile back when it was offered for 10 bucks or maybe it was 12? I love it, it actually looks like a Mirror on the Outside. My Wife and I have a Smartphone we kinda Share that phone and this Platinum Tel Phone is a "Backup" Emergency Phone for us. I have heard that Platnum Tel is now the Cheapest Per Minute Prepay Phone in US Market... I have added airtime just one time since I bought the Phone, the service at Platnum Tel was very Good and the actual reception in My Area is Very Good. I live in Central Florida. I would recommend this Cell Phone as a Workhorse for someone that just needs basic talk and text without a Contract! Good Deal for Wooters as Shipping is even Free!


I got the Palm Pixi last week and now I'm getting this one to replace my Mom's expensive Virgin Mobile pre-paid plan. She only carries it for emergencies so this phone and plan are perfect--PlatinumTel will still make money off her :)


PlatinumTel is a very good company and you won't find a cheaper, or more reasonable, pay-as-you-go plan out there. I've been with them for 2 years and I'm happy. What's more, I've gotten 3 other people to switch, and they're happy as well.

The only potential downside to PTel is coverage-- they have the same coverage as Sprint.


@rhmurphy: I downvoted this due to very spotty service outside of metro areas. I live in rural MT and use a Tracfone on the Verizon network and am usually in service range as long as I am near a major traffic corridor. Even though this is the Rockies there are lots of Verizon cell towers in the mtns. I spend about $20 every 90 days to keep the acct. active but my minutes are doubled for the life of the phone and carry over every refill.


In your experience @zippy the pinhead: How accurate is the map. I got a T-mobile that should have worked at my house per the map and it did not.


Its interesting to see that people just down vote for the sake of down voting....sad actually. A phone with 90 days of talk time for only $20 sounds like a good deal. And from what I can read platinum tel does have cheaper rates than other phone companies.


I've carried the Phone with Sprint, it's great for making and receiving Calls. the other stuff kind of sucks, but it works.


I've been looking for something just like this! thank you OP!


Just want to support Ptel. Been with 'em 15 months, and best value going. Sprint coverage here near San Jose is great.

In addition to the above, they also have the same phone with $50 airtime (180 days) for $40. In my opinion, the better deal.

Down-voters for this deal blow. Respect to the one guy who at least posted why. But, I don't see how poor coverage in your area (which they show upfront) should beget a negative vote.


I have been with P-tel for over a year and am very satisfied. The family is switching over as the t-mobile year comes to an end. For $100 a year, I get 2000 minutes. It's a phone and it works for calls. Life is good and less expensive.


Basic good phone cheap rates I got the phone 3 months ago same deal no problems.


T-Mobile prepaid might be more expensive on a per-minute basis, but those minutes last up to a year. If you only use your phone in emergency situations the T-Mobile plan might be a better way to go.


Seems like a decent deal. Why does everyone down-vote these?


@therealjrn: How much is your mom's "expensive" virgin mobile prepaid plan? My dad has a virgin mobile prepaid phone that he only uses for emergencies and w/auto top-up, he only pays $15 every 3 months (basically, to keep it active, as he almost never uses it) or $60 a year. I thought that was cheap. The minutes accumulate, too. It's not an advertised plan, but they do offer it. You have to register a credit card, though.


Platinumtel minutes rollover For the $10, $20, $30, and $50 plans, airtime carries over for a full year from the date it is loaded onto the account. For the $100 plan, airtime does not expire and carries over until depleted. To use unexpired airtime, you must have service days as well.


@dazoneranger: Mom's is $20 auto top-up every 90 days--PTel still is cheaper than your Dad's plan though...perhaps not as compelling as twice the expense like my Mom's, but a 33% savings is still 33%. It's hard to get the old folks to switch plans though, so it might not be worth the trouble to save your Dad from squandering your inheritance that way ;-)

I still haven't told Mom yet, but I've brought up changing providers for her a couple of times to get her used to the idea...tomorrow when the box comes to her house it will be a surprise. I've been using my card to pay for her phone anyway, so I don't think she'll balk too much, plus the Mirro looks like an upgrade from her current phone.