dealsbuy linksys n-router, get skyrim or battlefield 3…


I find this a offer a bit odd, seeing as Skyrim isn't an online game.


Insanely a good deal, but just a bummer that I all ready upgraded my router. >.> Otherwise I could be getting this deal.


@orangeair: Oh but it is, just not a multiplayer online game. Try setting it up without an Internet connection and see for yourself. :)


I just bought a new Linksys wireless G router for less than $60, which means I could have also bought both games at their advertised price, along with my "G" router for what the cheapest router in this "offer" costs.

And while I understand that an "N" router is faster than a "G" router, your internet connection is still slower than either "N" or "G".

Not much of a deal IMO.


I used to have a working router, till it took an arrow in the knee..


@theracoon: Its not just about your internet speed, helps home network speed & network bandwidth. Some people are running many different network bandwidth heavy entertainment devices on a single wireless router. Faster is better.


To start, if you spent $60 on a G router, you got hosed. You can get a nice G router for $40 every day of the week, heck, you can get a nice N router for $60, but I digress.

Second, there are a few reasons to spend the extra cash on a nice router. You will get far better coverage with a nice N router than you will with a nice G router. You get the obvious better intranet speeds with the N, and while that may not matter to you, for anyone who tries to stream media through their home network, or utilizes a NAS will greatly benefit. Lastly, and most importantly, why would you spend $40+ on old tech? Even if you arent going to benefit from it now, you will likely benefit from it at some point, whether that is moving files between two computers, or adding a home server, at some point you will use it, and the difference is substantial.

Just dont buy a N access point without gigabit ethernet ports, since N maxes out higher than 100mbit.


@theracoon: My Internet connection is 60Mbps and I will be soon upgrading to 100Mbps. That's faster than 802.11g is capable of under ideal conditions and anywhere outside a radio shielded lab is less than ideal.


If you really just are in for this for the free game, I'd say get Skyrim for the most out of your money. You could easilly invest 300 hours in that game just by walking around.


@say592 - I said "less than $60", which included the sales tax and delivery charges. And a G router will have good coverage for a normal home, although you're correct that an N router may reach farther.
And the 'old tech' comment is garbage. I buy things that are useful, not just because they're the latest tech.

@jahcriado - this post is about buying an overly expensive N router just to get a free game, not about what you could use an N router for that might make it's speed better than a G router.

@joshthegeek - congrats on the extremly fast network connection, which puts you in an elite minority for home network connection speeds!