deals20% off 1 full price item & 1 outlet item, & 50…


Actually membership is $20 for life, but who's checking?


@sickmont: Thanks. I hadn't realized it had gone up.


20% off their prices makes it just about what everyone else sells it for every day. Never seen such an overpriced place...


If you live in the San Antonio area, they just opened a new store and the first 200 in the door yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Fri, Sat, Sun) get a gift card with an amount ranging from $10 to $200. I was going to go this morning, but I set my alarm clock wrong.


One great thing about REI though is their lifetime return policy. I have never had any problems or questions asked about returning anything. They have great customer service and offer the 10% yearly dividend( if you are a member, at the end of the year you get 10% back of all of your regular priced purchases). Also, the membership is for your whole household. Same $20 for your spouse/kids/ anyone you want to include, just tell them to use your phone number when they check you get 10% back of what they buy too.

I am in the market for a new camping stove. Found the same one I want on amazon for $5 less, but with the guarantee of a return if anything is wrong/I don't like it and 10% back at the end of the year, you can't really beat it.

It's not the cheapest place for everything by far, but when you want the knowledge that if anything breaks/goes wrong with you purchase you are covered, it is a great place to shop.