dealstotes isotoner fedoras: buy one, get one free for…


I thought Fedora was the Italian version of FedEx.


The "crease and the pinch" in the front are so a gentleman can place his hand on his hat and tip it to a lady. Wouldn't that just melt my frosty heart? You bet!


@hot72chev: Wow! I've never had a man tip his hat to me! Now that you mention it, I can picture it in black and white. Heart-melty, indeed!


Pity, none of the hats are in Large.
All are M/L or L/XL

Wouldn't Large fit in between those?

Or do you think those sizes are all inclusive

(Except small or small/medium)

Email to Tanga was non-productive.
They said they already posted all the information they had.

Next stop, Isotoner...


@danieleg: Let us know what you find out. DH's family has abnormally large heads (if only they had brains to match) so generally even the XL hats don't fit them.


Isotoner Fedora (But not this style hat):
M/L: 58 cm (7 1/4 hat size)
L/XL: 60 cm (7 1/2 hat size)"
- See more at:

So, since my melon is 59 cm (7 3/8) (comfortably) it's right in between both sizes.
I will go up so I can put a sweat pad in front.


@danieleg: Lucky you! DH wears a 7 5/8 and that's often tight. His youngest brother wears an even larger size. When DH was still playing baseball and BIL was team bat boy they had to special order their hats. Urgh.

Makes me sympathetic to Shaq's mom trying to buy his clothes when he was a kid. I met him a few times when he was playing at LSU. OMG!!!!


Well, I see that this is now a sponsored deal. I'm not going to expire this since it is still active, but thought I should direct folks to the sponsored deal version, just FYI.


@belyndag: They hijacked your deal! I call shenanigans!