dealsvibram women's classic sprint fivefingers shoes…


here's their sizing chart in case you haven't ordered before. it involves your feet, a ruler, and a wall


These are absolutely, positively NOT something to buy without trying them on first. If you're considering getting these, go to a store first and make sure you like them and they fit you.


@starblind: Absolutely agree, I tried sizing my feet before going to try them on at the store and I was about two sizes off. Always find a store to try them on before you buy them online!


@starblind: Completely agree, I typically am a 38, but in this shoe without a doubt a solid 39 and 38 won't even cut it!


I have to agree with everybody, try it in store, then buy online. Luckily my girlfriend heeded my advice and this Woot saved her a ton of cash. Thank you!


@starblind: I bought mine (Bikila version) without trying them on first, you use a Tape Measure and measure in centimeters for European Sizing. (However you are right in that the right size is the difference in 1/8th of an inch). If you were ordering a new (not clearenced) pair from Vibram's site you can always return ship and pick out a new pair.


Ok, so the sizes DO NOT match the Euro sizes as people referenced above. However, as w00tgurl said, it's a tape measure a wall and your foot. READ the directions that Vibram has posted at that link, and it will ensure the right size. Anyone notice the first part of the sizing page reads "Due to the unique nature of FiveFingers there is no direct conversion from your regular shoe size. To achieve the best fitting results for the particular size you are interested in, we recommend you follow the instructions below."


Be very careful when ordering shoes from any place other than a brick and mortar store or the website itself. Vibram attests that any store not on their listed safe sites are probably counterfeit.

Myself and two other friends can attest. We both ignored the warning, finding a "great deal" on these shoes and winding up with clear counterfeits. They looked exactly the same, but the materials were vastly inferior and wore out within a year. By themselves they could have easily passed, but when compared side by side the differences were obvious.

Buyer beware!


I've seen many post from users worried about authenticity. Have you ever gone to the Walking Company or other high end retailers looking for shoes? They have high rents and typically work off commission. Of course they are going to tell you that most items online are fake so that they can sucker you into paying the retail price. If you pay with a credit card then you can file a chargeback for items you deem are counterfeit if the retailer refuses to issue you a refund. I buy nearly everything online and have yet to run into a problem. Just my two sense. I've also bought from Tanga in the past and have been more than pleased with my purchases.


Am I the only one who Giggles when just looking at these? I can pinch people pretty hard with my toes, these could be fun!


These are most likely not real Vibram shoes, the official website says it will not sell their shoes unless the store has a brick and mortar location. I'll pass.