deals30% off sitewide


30% off to make cutoffs? Maybe, if you are a student @ BYU. (Mormon modesty regulations - shorts have to be below the knees)
Daisy Dukes are way more than 30% off.


If you take two (allegedly) identical pairs of Levi's, and randomly cut 30% off of each you might be able to end up with two actually identical pairs. Oh, how I miss the days when Levi's had QC. Some people say it is only coincidence that their QC went out the window when their manufacturing all went over seas - seems like an odd coincidence to me.


I can get 4 pairs of Wranglers at Walmart for what one pair of Levis on sale costs. I loved you in the 60s and 70's Levis, but you left me, I didn't leave you.


Wranglers have gotten me away from my old Levis ways too. 15 bucks, don't even need a coupon for that.