deals$4 off all shirts (excludes sale/clearance)


I bought a shirt from lolshirts when they were $4.00 a piece.

After 2.5 weeks, the shirt arrived; it was relatively nice shirt, except it was destroyed* in my washer/dryer.

*seams are starting to come apart


@yumtoast: I have several of their shirts and this has not been my experience. All of mine have been worn often and show no excessive signs of wear. I think you may have received a bad unit. You may want to ask for a replacement.

Just my two cents. As with anything, your mileage may vary.


I have bought about a dozen shirts from this company and have never had any problem. They are pretty thick and well made.


It says excludes sale but you can actually get the 6.99 shirt for 2.99 and free shipping with the coupon code!


Neat! I got free shipping, too!


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