dealseton raptor solar charge shortwave band or…


looks like a really cool toy to have in the car/in the bug out bag. anyone have experience with this model or have any input before I hit the BUY button?


I like the heavy duty feel of this radio. It does not feel like an el-cheapo. The carabiner clip is tough too so I won't worry about my dad loosing this off the side of his boat. I got one of these from Amz not that long ago for much higher but luckily I can still return so I can cash in on this deal.



I have had one for about 2 years now, always in my man-purse. I use it for the flashlight and cell phone charger on a regular basis and it has kept a charge pretty darned well. Currently I can get about 60% on my Iphone 5 when the Raptor is fully charged. Battery is 1800mAh, so with the built in solar panel it takes a while to get it to full charge.

They state it takes about 18 hours, but that is in direct sunlight. It takes me about 2 days of lying in the sun to get a full charge, but I am up north.

The Digital compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer etc all work well as long as you calibrate them properly. The radio is good, but not the greatest reception, though the weatherband is solid.

All in all it beats the crap out of any other emergency radio/charger/dohickamabobber I have used. Rugged, splashproof (not waterproof) and comes with a bottle opener. Plus you can use it as an external speaker for your phone.

For ~45$, I would not hesitate.


@mariahdeitz: first place i checked was on amazon for the reviews, it's about twice as much!


@bjorno: cool man, you convinced me. I'm on a bug out bag kick, and the fact that I would be able to charge and use my cellphone with the sunlight in a situation where my electricity has gone out is really appealing. Plus i'm a charter pilot, and I think that I might be able to take it with me on flights, and just leave it on the dash soaking up the suns energy on long days where my phone gets drained from all the phone calls.

The only reason I hesitated as that I saw one with a hand crank...kinda thought it would be cool to have a solar panel, and hand crank...but the features did not include a weather band.

I am gonna order one, thanks again for your input! :)


I tried buying and hit the take the plunge and it just goes to a page that says I have nothing in my cart. Tried different colors and everything. Help?