dealsacross the universe [blu-ray]: evan rachel wood…


good music, the description doesn't mention this but it's all Beatles songs. i didn't like this movie at first but a roommate loved it so i watched it several times and ended up loving it too. the lead male actor is the same guy who played lead in "21" the movie about the MIT kids who counted cards in Vegas


My wife's friend loaned this movie to us. I loved it, my wife hated it. From what I've read online it seems most people don't like this movie, but a small minority absolutely love it (like me).

The movie covers the turbulent, chaotic 60's - war, drugs, sexual revolution, etc.... Yes, a cliche.

But it is really well-done, frequently conveying the story through Beatles songs sung by the characters.

I'd guess this must be like an opera (though I don't know true opera and am just guessing).