deals5000mah portable emergency backup power w…


Solid deal here, but I just bought:
Had solid reviews over on the Android forums. Multiple people claiming 6+ full charges out of it.


Warranty twenty (20) days, on a NEW item??!!! You get ninety (90) days on refurbished items at almost all other businesses.


@firebirdude: 12000mah batteries usually cost much more. if its too cheap, and ships from china, its probably a fake


"Wonderful life because of you."

Sounds like Engrish. I am wary.


A 20 day warranty - THAT would concern me. The item mentioned in comment 1 appears to be a much better item.


@michalmurphy: Engrish? Naw! The following makes PERFECT sense, what makes you think Engrish?

The power supply output plug in USB port, data can be realized at any time, at any time , with charging mobile phones at any time electric power demand, away from the power problems.

(Note, this is from the ebay link, not the sponsored link).


@kiev112: As I said, others has said they've ordered it, posted pictures of it, and claimed many many full charges off it. Even if it's not "12000mAh", it's still a lot of friggin juice for $17 shipped.


@firebirdude: let us know when you get it please. Interested on hearing about it from someone who seems to do their research. Its just from my experience buying from china, especially stuff like memory cards, it's usually false advertisement. Bought a 32gb card....twice!.....when they just came out, and even though computer read it as a 32gb card, I wasn't able to load anything past 4gb, add it would just overlay the oldest files. After doing some research, found that the scam was wide spread, and not many people found out about it right away, because not many actually were able to fill up a card with 4gb of data quickly.

Same thing goes for these in my opinion. They say it's 12000mah, but at $17 just don't see how that's possible. It's easy just to write 12000mah on the body, but what is really inside?

So please, let us know once you get it. Really interested.