dealssandisk 4gb cruzer usb 2.0 flash drive for $7.15


Also, this drive has U3, which is software for programs in it's app store (it comes with some programs too), and Readyboost for windows.


These newer SanDisk USB drives write and read pretty slow. I find the U3 System a pain, and am glad that there is an option to disable it.


These are fairly durable in case people have problems breaking drives. They are not indestructible - it will not survive going over a bump in the car, knocking it into the car door, and bending the drive. But barring that, they are decently hard to break.


$7.15 + $4.99 shipping

In Stock. Ships from and sold by RetailTronics

Still a pretty good deal.


I have a few different Cruzers (2, 4 and 16gb) and they work well, are durable and have served me fairly well. The transfer speed is average for a USB 2.0 thumb drive, at about 4-4.5 MBps. There are definitely faster thumb drives out there, but not at a price even close to this.


The Aldi by my house has 8gb flash drives for just $10 more. It may be more money, but it's worth it in the long ruPr


@antares008: ??? good deal, come on, for 4G it should be less than 10 with shipping to be a good deal. 15 or less for 8g, that's what i paid for last year; not sure about deals.woot for deals....