dealsnerf n-strike flip clip refill & darts for $5.00


My team uses these while training for the zombie invasion.

...I'm not kidding.


shipping is a killer
deal breaker


@gilonske: Same price in stores - all the ones near me show "in stock" with online check


Print the on-line ad before going to the store, or they'll charge you $7.44 each.


I just bought this in store yesterday for $11. So getting that fixed.


@pmstackhouse, do you know if they will honor the online ad? The website says the stores don't match online prices.


i just bought this recently and its very handy if you need some new extra darts but you also need some extra clips. this is very handy in a nerf war because when you run out of ammo... bam! you flip it over and your ready to get back in the fight. bottom line, yes i would recomend buying this item.


@puttysan: My stores will not honor the online price even when i showed them the add live on my phone. They said the online store is a separate store all together and they do not price match either way.