dealssin city [recut, extended, unrated] [2 discs…


Great Deal. I paid 15 for my copy


@lparsons42: Yup. It's "free shipping" because you have to go to the store and buy it.


Good movie, misleading deal by saying "free shipping" when it's in-store only.


@lordebon: There is not "in-store only" box to check. But it would be nice to see in the would save you having to click through.


IN STORE ONLY. (maybe this will help if voted to the top so people will see it).


@morriea: Aye, the most common (and my perferred) right way of doing it is to just say "(in-store only)" or something similar in the title best of all. Saves folks from bothering with a deal when it's something they can't get (e.g., no Fry's anywhere near me).


@gidgaf: Tragically, not everyone (including myself) live anywhere remotely close to a Fry's.


It won't even show you stores within 50 miles. Make sure you have a Fry's store somewhere nearby or this is worthless.


Misread this as Sim City, and became very disappointed when I clicked for more info.


Aargh! I was just there last night! Now I have to go back.

Why can't I have woot beamed right into my head?


Just an the "Recut" version, the movie has been put back together so each story plays all the way through, then moves on to the next one. I love the original version, and one of the coolest things about it was the Pulp Fiction-y way it jumped back and forth between stories. IMHO, the recut just about ruined it.